Mobile, Desktop & Web


    Conceptualized and established successful startup company.

    Proven team player and proven self sufficiency through working with business partner and co-worker as well as working solo for the last 7 years.

    Created client base from scratch in new technology field.

    Maintained client base in ever changing internet service provider business.

    Researched and incorporated new technologies into existing service to promote client satisfaction.

    Timely and efficient response to customers needs through phone support, email support, consultation and off-hour emergency availability.

    Reliable and adaptable, learns new skills, systems and procedures quickly by self-research and manual reading.

    Manage T-1/Lan network for multiple businesses in business complex.

    Provided customer service with business owners to maintain and update accounts and services provided for them.

    Extensive troubleshooting and maintenance knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Knowledge of many software packages including word, excel, powerpoint, various database software and many others in a wide range of fields.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE__________________________________

Office Manager/Jr. Programmer

Hippo Software, Inc.    2/2008 – 4/2009

Integrated European Company's new office as a United State's Startup.  Managed licenses and required paperwork for new business.  Ran day to day operations including internal network and hardware/software requirements.  Bookkeeping, Technical Account Manager, Shibboleth Integration and setup, Jira support coordinator for US office.   Managed timesheets for employees through AtTask.  Java/JSP/HTML/XML programming as needed.  Documentation writer.  Human Resources.  Maintained English Website through proprietary Content Management System.


In-Site Communications, Internet Service Provider    11/1995 – 2/2008 

Day to day operations for attracting, maintaining and satisfying clients.  Oversaw the business end requirements for county registrations, taxes, advertising, promotion and relations.  Managed the integration of evolving technologies, hardware and software as needed.  Responsible for client billing, support and management within databases and bookkeeping software.  Contracted with new vendors over time to upgrade services and reduce expenses of operations.  Provided customer service as clients needs dictated to fulfill their expectations.  Provided Tech support for Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

WORK EXPERIENCE__________________________________

Consultant (1994/1995) – Expert Solutions and Procedures – Network setup, computer maintenance and introduction of internet technologies.

Assistant Manager (1991/1994) - Murphy’s Pizza – Managed night time activities, customer relations and end of day paperwork.

Laborer (1990) – McAlister Construction – Produced critical path schedules and assisted in building of decks, interior and exterior remodeling and roofs.

Bartender (1998/1989) – McNear’s Saloon and Holidaze Bar & Grill – Customer Service, stocking, cash register and inventory.

Manager (1984/1987) – Tijuana Taco Restaurant – Scheduling, payroll, hiring, inventory, ordering and customer service.

Computer Operator (1982) – Charles Schwab & Co. – Delivery, ink and tape management, maintenance and data input.


Major : Bachelor of Science, Instructional Technology, CSU Chico

Minor : Business Administration, CSU Chico

Certificate :  Electronic Printing and Publishing, CSU Chico

basic, pascal, Cobol, java, php, objective-c, swift 3 & 4, flutter, dart, mysql. c#, unity, html, tomcat jsp server, apache tomcat, shibboleth

Dns, email, apache http, ftp, phpmyadmin, radius, 

Mac OS X apps, web apps, android, iOS, (windows/linus)

Subscriptions, admob, google maps, sqlite, location, 

Salesforce, Qlikview developer and designer.

Setup and managed gmail, dns, web server hosting, domain transfers, website/email/dns transfers